Going Green was originally founded in 2008 by a group of Spanish executives from various divisions in the energy industry. Our mission is to become a major role player in the Electric Mobility market for consumers, companies and Government(s).

Going Green offers a global service in the field of sustainable mobility and developed 3 business groups:

  • manufacturing of electric motorbikes in our production plant, adressed to professional segment (mainly Home Delivery and related businesses)
  • mobility solutions based on electric vehicles sharing systems
  • electric vehicle commercialisation

Today, Going Green manufactures and distributes the electric scooter “The Core” through a network of international distributors.
In terms of our mobility solutions, we have developed a technologic monitoring management tool for all types of electric vehicles.

With “The Core”, our in-house produced electric scooter, Going Green was one of the first companies who came up with an electric scooter sharing project in Barcelona with MOTIT (now IOSCOOT).

The Core, a minimalistic and functional e-scooter

The Core | a minimalistic and functional e-scooter