Electric Motorcycles News (EMN) has been launched in March 2017 and is a global “go-to” website to inform and inspire a lot of people about electric motorcycles, electric scooters and some offroad performance e-bikes. My network of manufacturers and dealers has been growing ever since. Every day, I receive questions from all over the world. So that’s why I have decided to become an E-motorcycle consultant in this exciting new market.


EMN has a growing network and can guide you with:

  • press releases
  • smart mobility solutions
  • sharing projects
  • product launches
  • dealer meetings
  • networking
  • advice (design, sales, retail)

Design and engineering services

EMN is working together with the design and engineering team of Marutee (India) for all kind of development of light electric vehicles.

Marutee Design & Engineering | Electric Motorcycles News

The engineering team at Marutee has extensive experience in executing and managing various Automotive Design and Analysis Projects. Marutee can support the product development process beginning from the concept stage to Final Design through the use of various state of the art design, analysis and optimization tools. Marutee has an excellent network of partners worldwide to support Prototyping and Manufacturing (Including Additive Manufacturing). 

E-Brand communication strategy

A global brand communication plan includes the guidelines for a complete housestyle, graphic design for print, web, digital communication and social media for your brand, company or store. Being a graphic designer myself for almost 30 years I am responsible for all these concepts.

  • Rebranding
  • Concepts
  • Housestyle
  • Graphic design
  • Webdesign
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Photography
  • Video

Electric Motorcycles News website

EMN is a global news website about electric motorcycles and electric scooters. A few months ago I added some interesting (paid) content and advertising possibilities for manufacturers and dealers. In combination with our news items, we believe that EMN can play an active role for sales & marketing divisions for E-motorcycle companies. It’s a new channel with their target audience.

Electric Motorcycles News

Statistics (December 2019)

E-promotion center

Manufacturers and/or brands who are interested in the Benelux and/or the European market, can present their electric motorcycles and/or electric scooters ‘live’ to a large audience at the E-center. Depending of the formula, we add a lot of media exposure, like a test-review, photography, even a movie and social media posts to keep the presentation very active. A lot of activities are going on at the Automotive Campus (seminars, workshops, network events, …) and we create extra visibility during these activities.

  • Launches
  • Promotion
  • Networking
  • Meeting center
  • Testriding
E-center | Electric Motorcycles News

This E-center is a new promotion place at the Automotive Campus in Helmond (The Netherlands) in cooperation with Electric Motorbikes (Gert-Jan Rongen).

Interested? Let’s talk.