HORWIN Europe GmbH

HORWIN Europe GmbH is an import-oriented company, located in the heart of Europe – in Austria. With exclusive sales/distribution rights from several producers and manufacturers our task is to spread the products to wholesalers and regional dealers in every country of Europe. Our range of services not only includes the whole importing and admission process, but also logistics, channel management, marketing supervision and after sales.

For the first time, HORWIN Europe is now launching motorcycles – CR6 & CR6 Pro – developed in-house which are produced in China especially for Europe.

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PIERER Mobility Group

The PIERER Mobility Group is Europe‘s leading manufacturer of powered two-wheelers. With its world-famous motorcycle brands KTM, HUSQVARNA Motorcycles and GASGAS the group is one of the technological and market leaders, especially for premium motorcycles. As a pioneer in electromobility for low-voltage two-wheelers (48 volts), the group – together with its strategic partner Bajaj – has the prerequisites to play a leading global role. The take-over of the electric bicycle business was an important step to enlarge the activities in the electro powered two wheeler segment (HUSQVARNA E-Bicycles, R Raymon).

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