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BREKR Team: ““We developed and build the BREKR because it does not yet exist. That is what drives us. An electric moped that combines history and future into an insane, quirky but also logical design. Recognizable and yet completely new. With a rough edge, nice driving and smart because we use all the techniques of today. An electric moped that will put a smile on your face. Every time you ride it. We have even more ambition for the future and if you ask us it will not end with this model.”

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Electric Dutchman

The Electric Dutchman is a modular Dutch Design e-moped. Designed according to b2b standards. That means high quality and low maintenance. The indestructible moped is made to fit any business. It’s sustainable, brandable and durable. Besides that it’s assembled by differently-abled employees in order to have an optimal impact on the society.

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Meijs Motorman

Ronald Meijs searched for a solution with the idea at the back of his mind that, more than anything else, mobility should be light and pleasurable. From the very outset it was immediately clear that the vehicle should not produce any CO2 emissions. He wanted it to be simple, easy to use and fun to drive. He designed the Motorman and, in doing so, achieved the perfect balance between durability, functionality and design.

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