e-center is a new promotion center for electric motorcycles and electric scooters at the Automotive Campus in Helmond (The Netherlands). In cooperation with Electric Motorbikes we are going to provide some pop-up displays all over the area of the Campus (entrance, reception hall, patio, …).

We offer different “time”-promotion deals at manufacturers to show their bikes. For instance, a manufacturer or importer can ship an electric motorcycle or e-scooter to us in The Netherlands and we can display the bike for 3, 6 or even 12 months. Depending of the formula, we add a lot of media exposure, like a test-review, photography, even a movie and social media posts to keep the presentation very active. A lot of activities are going on at the Campus (seminars, workshops, network events, …) and we create extra visibility during these activities.

e-center | electric motorcycles news
e-center | electric motorcycles news

Guy Salens, EMN: “We are looking for manufacturers (worldwide!) who are interested in extra exposure and who want to explore the European market. I notice also an important evolution in the approach of electric motorcycles to the public. It’s not about convincing experienced motorcyclists anymore but many manufacturers appeal to a very different audience. People are looking for smart mobility solutions and electric two wheelers could be an answer. The latest designs are fresh and innovative and are appreciated by the public. We have to show this … on- and offline”.

E-center Automotive Campus - Helmond

We believe this could be a new interesting promotion tool for a new brand or e-motorcycle model.

E-center | Electric Motorcycles News
e-center | electric motorcycles news

Gert-Jan | Electric Motorbikes: “There is a great demand from different technical education divisions to be involved in this new electrical evolution. We are already beyond that crucial point where mechanics must evolve from traditional engine technology to this new technology. Our role is to get EV-companies in touch with the educational institutes to share knowledge and train new technicians for a new era.” Our e-center can be the bridge between manufacturers and education facilities.

e-center | electric motorcycles news

Guy: ”For Electric Motorcycles News is this a great opportunity to get involved in the real world of electric motorcycles and e-scooters. We can test all the bikes ourselves and publish some real reviews (today we are still publishing press releases and/or web info).

E-center | Electric Motorcycles News
E-center is an ideal place for test riding and other events …

Gert-Jan: “Besides my activities with Electric Motorbikes, I am also a consultant for GoodMoovs, who is a key player in the market when it comes to offering shared electric vehicles. Currently we provide 185 electric shared vehicles (with a range of up to 400 km) and 50 shared e-bikes available at 40 locations in 17 Dutch cities and villages. Each month this number increases, and we have started our operations in Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom as well. It can be interesting to integrate electric motorcycles and scooters into this mobility package.”

e-center | electric motorcycles news


Automotive Campus

The Automotive Campus is located in the Brainport Region – and is the national and international hotspot, meeting point and place of business in the field of automotive (technology) and smart mobility.

The Automotive Campus is where the ecosystem for smart & green mobility comes together for meetings, knowledge sharing, innovation, engineering, testing, business development, education and training.

The future of the automotive industry starts when businesses, knowledge institutes, and educational institutes join forces and share knowledge. There’s a reason why the Automotive Campus is the national and international meeting place and prime location for international players, start-ups, SMEs, knowledge institutes, and student teams. Collaboration and open innovation are central.

The result? Innovative ideas are converted more easily and quickly into solutions that change the world of smart mobility and green mobility. Self-driving cars, smart navigation, dynamic signage, electric driving or alternative fuels: what you see on and around the road today was developed here yesterday.

More info: https://www.automotivecampus.com

Electric Motorbikes

Gert-Jan Rongen en Ted Wildenberg are the 2 founders of Electric Motorbikes in The Netherlands. Electric Motorbikes has a wide range from cruisers to dirt bikes and from 25 km / h scooters to super fast bikes! Electric Motorbikes has experience with Zero Motorcycles, Energica, Johammer, Kuberg and Etalian scooters. From their passion for motorcycling and their drive to contribute to a better and cleaner world, they also want you to enjoy this wonderful mobility.

More info: https://electricmotorbikes.nl

Electric Motorcycles News

Electric Motorcycles News (EMN) is a news website (launched by Guy Salens in February 2017) to inform a large public about electric motorcycles, electric scooters and some performance offroad e-bikes. Besides that, EMN provides communication services for companies in the e-motorcycle market.

Guy Salens: “Our community is still growing on a daily basis with Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I believe that this e-center can play a new active role for the promotion of electric motorcycles and scooters in Europe. It’s a new ‘live’ channel with a specific target audience.”

More info: https://electricmotorcycles.news