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Your “inspiration” website for light electric vehicles and its industry.

THE PACK “Electric Motorcycle News” website has been launched in March 2017 and is a personal initiative from Guy Salens to inform and inspire you about electric motorcycles, electric mopeds and some other light electric vehicles. With THE PACK Services, I also present strategic, creative and promotional services for electric motorcycle companies. Manufacturers can integrate THE PACK in their global communication and promotion strategy.


What’s up in LEV-land?

Motorguy [Guy Salens] is an e-mobility ambassador, and involved in different E-startups in the Light Electric Vehicles industry.

Guy Salens Motorguy - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycle News

Guy Salens:

After having run my own graphic design studio for over 30 years, I am expanding my services in the pursuit of my passion for electric mobility.

Motorguy has an exclusive partnership with the Dutch company Electric Motorbikes from Gert-Jan Rongen at the Automotive Campus in Helmond (The Netherlands). Electric Motorbikes is a multi-brand retail shop for electric motorcycles and mopeds and emphasizes both reliable information, service and sales in the Benelux.

ON – #pushthebuttontoday

Together with automotive designer Ben Surain (Belgium), Guy Salens launched in 2022 the new initiative ‘ON’ #pushthebuttontoday to speed up the use for Light Electric Vehicles. ‘ON’ creates, develops and sells their own LEV brands for last-mile solutions and personal e-mobility.