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Your “inspiration” website for electric light vehicles and its industry.

THE PACK “Electric Motorcycle News” website has been launched in March 2017 and is a personal initiative from Guy Salens to inform and inspire you about electric motorcycles, electric mopeds and some other light electric vehicles. With THE PACK Services, I also present strategic, creative and promotional services for electric motorcycle companies. Manufacturers can integrate THE PACK in their global communication and promotion strategy.


What’s up in LEV-land?

Motorguy [Guy Salens] is an e-mobility business developer, specialised in electric motorcycles and mopeds for B2B customers.

Guy Salens Motorguy - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycle News

Guy Salens:

After having run his own graphic design studio for over 30 years, Guy “Motorguy” Salens has expanded his services in the pursuit of his passion for electric mobility. The Belgian’s experience in marketing and communication is definitely an added value for this new market. That’s how he grew to be an independent e-mobility consultant specializing in electric motorbikes and mopeds. As a consultant, he carries out communication assignments for electric motorcycle and moped manufacturers, and he advises companies, cities, and municipalities on the integration of new mobility solutions. 

Motorguy has an exclusive partnership with the Dutch company Electric Motorbikes from Gert-Jan Rongen at the Automotive Campus in Helmond (The Netherlands). Electric Motorbikes is a multi-brand retail shop for electric motorcycles and mopeds and emphasizes both reliable information, service and sales in the Benelux.

ON – #pushthebuttontoday

Together with automotive designer Ben Surain (Belgium), Guy Salens launched in 2022 the new initiative ‘ON’ #pushthebuttontoday to speed up the use for Light Electric Vehicles. ‘ON’ creates, develops and sells their own LEV brands for last-mile solutions and personal e-mobility.